Confirm Choice is an international, licensed investigative company that specializes in background screening and hiring solutions.
Our mission is to provide our clients with timely and accurate information while receiving exceptional customer service from a dedicated team of professionals.
Competitive pricing, excellent customer service and timely turnaround have made us successful in our industry. Our staff is dedicated to providing each client with a positive experience and is trained in FCRA compliance.
To be regarded as the most reputable and reliable background screening provider in the industry.
We utilize state-of-the-art software that makes every process seamless and efficient. Clients find our online ordering very easy to use. We tailor each package to meet the expectations of our clients to assist them with the results they expect.
Accuracy: Veracity in our research that embodies precision and credibility.
Dedication: Striving to produce the most advantageous options for each client.
Expediency: Executing all customer requests with a sense of urgency and accountability.
Integrity: Exceeding customer expectations with transparency and honesty in every process and interaction.
Professionalism: Awareness to conduct business at the highest level of skill, experience, and knowledge.
Service Excellence: Providing an excellent product with outstanding personalized service.

Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (Tennessee: GoDBE)

Joe and David first met in 1982 while selling courier services for Priority Dispatch. In 1984, they became business partners and acquired their own logistics company, Express Courier International, Inc. that started with 2 employees (themselves), 5 independent contractors and $380k in revenue. Over the next 22 years, Joe and David invested their personal capital and time in building a leading, regional logistics provider with 16 offices in 5 states (Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee). A joint venture took place several years later to expand service in the Carolinas. They accepted an offer in 2006 to sell the courier company, which had grown to 135 employees, 750 independent contractors and $32 million in revenue.

In 2009, Joe and David started a new business venture, Background Verification Services (BVS), a licensed investigative company that specializes in employment screening and hiring solutions. With a successful business history behind them, they felt confident in launching the new business, despite the economy. In 2011 the company was rebranded to Confirm Choice, LLC. With determination and hard work of Joe, David, and their employees, Confirm Choice has seen steady growth even in a stressed economy. Confirm Choice has experienced on average a 25% growth over the past three years. We are on target to exceed those numbers in 2015.