Gaps in Reporting Criminal Records


Fugitives are often able to purchase firearms illegally because the National Instant Background Check System is not always up to date. There are two distinct governmental gaps that are not updated on a regularly. The first is from the local court to the state. The second is from the state to the FBI. If the FBI does not have a particular record in their system, that is reflected in the National Instant Background Check System used by firearms sellers. USA Today points out how some states are not reporting hundreds of records to the FBI allowing fugitives to cross state lines and by firearms without a problem.

This article is not only politically and socially important, but it also carries information and cautionary advice applicable to pre-employment screening. Firstly, the problem of non-concurrent databases holds true for many different criminal record databases. It is important to know which database you are searching and how concurrent it is to actual court records. Secondly, the most accurate information is always found in county court records. Thirdly, your company’s background screening provider should work with you to both avoid these gaps in reporting and find the most comprehensive search possible. Lastly, it is important to remember that it is not feasible to search every county in the United States. Developing a strategy for narrowing down a criminal search is imperative for being thorough and comprehensive without being fiscally irresponsible. Confirm Choice has a number of options available for thoroughness and avoiding gaps in information. If you are a current client and would like to discuss your current strategy for searching criminal records or if you are need of our background screening services, please contact us.