Annual Audits

Washington MVR Audits

Share:States regularly run audits on companies who order MVRs, and Washington is no exception. The difference is Washington requires a specific state form to be signed by each person that an MVR is requested for. Washington MVR Release of Interest Please make sure that your records are up to date and that you have a..

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New Medical Requirements for Commercial Drivers

April 19, 2016 | posted in: Annual Audits, Human Resources, MVR | by

Share:In addition to the existing medical guidelines that all Certified Medical Examiners (CME) must follow for the medical certification of commercial drivers, effective April 20, 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) now requires them to implement a revised Medical Examination Report Form (MCSA-5875) and a Medical Examiner’s Certificate Form (MCSA-5876) for the medical..

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Legalized Marijuana – Burden to HR

Share:Both Colorado and Washington have legalized the use of marijuana. Employers in those states are still promoting drug-free work environments. Although it is legal to smoke marijuana in those states, courts uphold the right for employers to maintain drug-free work environments. For some employees this differentiation has been hard to understand. Employers are finding that..

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