Spokeo v. Robins: Supreme Court Decision Announced

Share:Spokeo v. Robins has been a closely-followed case among background screening companies because of the potential ramifications of the claims made in the lawsuit. Thomas Robins discovered that his Spokeo profile contained inaccurate information about him and filed suit alleging that Spokeo had willfully failed to comply with the FCRA. The Supreme Court announced its..

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The Value of Background Checks—A Legally Compliant Screening Program

Share:(This post was written by Montserrat Miller, a partner at Arnall Golden Gregory in Washington, D.C.) The Affordable Care Act provides grants to states to implement background check programs for prospective long-term-care employees in settings such as nursing facilities, home health agencies and hospices. The grant program, known as the National Background Check Program (NBCP),..

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Compliance: Can you require applicants to pay for their background checks?

Share:This is an issue that we see from time to time. Either a client will invoice their applicants for the cost of a background check, or they will arrange for their applicants to contact the CRA directly to purchase a check. While this is currently legal in most states, there are a few potential issues..

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