Class Action

Spokeo v. Robins: Supreme Court Decision Announced

Share:Spokeo v. Robins has been a closely-followed case among background screening companies because of the potential ramifications of the claims made in the lawsuit. Thomas Robins discovered that his Spokeo profile contained inaccurate information about him and filed suit alleging that Spokeo had willfully failed to comply with the FCRA. The Supreme Court announced its..

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New Compliance Initiative Takes Effect 12/1/15

Share:To Our Clients & Partners: In keeping with our dedication to compliance, and due to the recent increase in litigation against employers and CRAs, we will be enacting a new Compliance Initiative which requires some changes to our reporting. Effective December 1, 2015, we will no longer be reporting cases with a disposition of dismissed,..

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FCRA Tackles Whole Foods

Share:To run a background screening, you must have a signed consent form. The form must be the proper form and it must be signed prior to running the screening. Whole Foods is in a class action suit for purportedly skirting these requirements. If you are concerned about the consent form you are using, please contact..

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Importance of County Criminal Searches

December 17, 2013 | posted in: Class Action, Criminal Record Policy, FCRA | by

Share:Confirm Choice considers county records searches to be the most accurate criminal history checks and to serve as a validation of records found otherwise. Since we strive for accuracy and compliance in our reporting, verifying with county courts helps avoid reporting outdated and mismatched information. This settlement outlines the importance of reporting the most accurate..

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Two FCRA Class Action Claims

December 3, 2013 | posted in: Adverse Action, Class Action, FCRA | by

Share:The Superior Court of California of Los Angeles is processing to two class action suits. Both are reminders of the importance to develop and maintain proper procedures under the FCRA guidelines for both CRA’s and employers. If you do not have a procedure for Adverse Action in place, please contact us. We can handle Adverse..

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