Employers Use of Background Check Reports and Limitations on Use

Share:Are you an employer that conducts pre-employment background checks for new hires, or maybe background checks for existing employees for promotion, reassignment or retention purposes? Ever randomly wonder if you can use that report and information in it for a purpose other than employment screening? The short answer is, no. The FTC recently posted on..

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New York City: New Guidance Issued for Fair Chance Act

Share:According to an advisory released by NAPBS, New York City’s Commission on Human Rights has issued updated legal guidance in regards to compliance with the Fair Chance Act and the NYC Human Rights Law. The guidance specifically states that “inquiring” includes conducting a criminal background check (either by the employer or a third party screening..

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New Compliance Initiative Takes Effect 12/1/15

Share:To Our Clients & Partners: In keeping with our dedication to compliance, and due to the recent increase in litigation against employers and CRAs, we will be enacting a new Compliance Initiative which requires some changes to our reporting. Effective December 1, 2015, we will no longer be reporting cases with a disposition of dismissed,..

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An EEOC/FTC Guide to Background Checks

Share:During the hiring process, keeping stride with current regulation and compliance can be difficult especially for smaller businesses. There are many considerations including: equality, authorization to release information, adverse action, and record maintenance. Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Federal Trade Commission jointly published a quick guide for using background checks for pre-employment..

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The FTC Protecting the Transparency of Data

January 21, 2014 | posted in: FTC, Privacy | by

Share:As data brokers, we are often complying to FTC regulation. The FTC has turned its attention to the transparency of reports developed by data brokers. One month ago, Jessie Rich, Director of the FTC, presented “What Information Do Data Brokers Have On Consumers, and How Do They Use It?” before the Committee on Commerce, Science..

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