Background Checks: What Employers Need to Know

October 14, 2015 | posted in: Uncategorized | by

Share:The laws regulating background checks used for employment purposes are constantly changing, but the FCRA remains the overall standard. The EEOC and FTC have issued guidance for employers to help streamline the use of background checks in the hiring process. Background Checks: What Employers Need to Know This document should help explain exactly what employers..

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Advanced FCRA Certification

September 22, 2015 | posted in: Uncategorized | by

Share:We’re pleased to inform you that Joi Schurman and Brandon de la Cruz have both renewed their FCRA Advanced Certification this year. Confirm Choice is committed to staying informed of the many laws that govern our industry in order to keep you informed of the areas that impact your business. FCRA Advanced Certification is provided..

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Uber Criticized for Background Checks, But Many Services Do Far Less

August 28, 2015 | posted in: Uncategorized | by

Share:In a new case of mixing good information with bad, several California counties have brought a civil suit against ride-sharing service Uber on the grounds that their background checks do not meet state standards. Taxi drivers are required to submit to a LiveScan fingerprint check, which the counties insist is “the most comprehensive form of..

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Ohio’s Background Check System Falls Short

April 28, 2015 | posted in: Uncategorized | by

Share:A recent investigation has concluded that the fingerprint-based background check system used by the state of Ohio to screen state employees, childcare workers, emergency response personnel and gun owners is massively flawed and has cleared thousands of people with criminal records. This could, for example, allow convicted felons to obtain handgun permits. Attorney General Mike..

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Lyft Is Targeted by Class-Action Suit

March 17, 2015 | posted in: Uncategorized | by

Share:A class-action lawsuit has been filed against ride-sharing service Lyft, alleging that the company arbitrarily cut off a promotion that would have given drivers a $1,000 bonus. The criteria was apparently how long it took their background check to clear. If it did not clear by a certain date—regardless if it eventually came back clear—the..

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US Government Terminates USIS Contract

September 9, 2014 | posted in: Uncategorized | by

Share:Amid ever-increasing scrutiny and a data breach over the summer, the United States Government has decided not to renew their contract with USIS, which has performed outsourced Office of Personnel Management work since its inception in 1996. USIS is also accused of massive fraud in supplying hundreds of thousands of incomplete background checks to the..

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