USIS Breach Raises Red Flags

September 2, 2014 | posted in: Data Breaches, Privacy | by

A recent breach at USIS that exposed at least 25,000 background checks of federal employees is under scrutiny for what critics are saying is a lack of proper security. USIS handles background checks for the Department of Homeland Security, and yet there are doubts as to whether they properly encrypted or secured their data. At […]

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Removing Background Checks from Gun Sales in West Virginia

June 5, 2014 | posted in: Gun Laws | by

Individuals with a concealed handgun permit will no longer have to submit to a background check when buying a gun from a licensed dealer in West Virginia. The Attorney General has ruled that the process of obtaining a concealed handgun permit qualifies as an alternative to a background check as defined in the Brady Handgun […]

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Gaps in Reporting Criminal Records

Fugitives are often able to purchase firearms illegally because the National Instant Background Check System is not always up to date. There are two distinct governmental gaps that are not updated on a regularly. The first is from the local court to the state. The second is from the state to the FBI. If the […]

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Legalized Marijuana – Burden to HR

Both Colorado and Washington have legalized the use of marijuana. Employers in those states are still promoting drug-free work environments. Although it is legal to smoke marijuana in those states, courts uphold the right for employers to maintain drug-free work environments. For some employees this differentiation has been hard to understand. Employers are finding that […]

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Incorrect Reporting? – Meyer and the National Tenant Network

In a recent case in San Francisco, Harold Meyer claimed that National Tenant Network supplied an incorrect sex offender report to both his employer and landlord and then refused to provide him with a copy of the report. Because of the negative information in the report, Mr. Meyer was denied employment and residency. There are […]

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An EEOC/FTC Guide to Background Checks

During the hiring process, keeping stride with current regulation and compliance can be difficult especially for smaller businesses. There are many considerations including: equality, authorization to release information, adverse action, and record maintenance. Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Federal Trade Commission jointly published a quick guide for using background checks for pre-employment […]

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Background Screening and the Navy Yard Shooting

An investigation into the Navy Yard Shooting by Aaron Alexis brings to the surface a few key concerns for proper background screenings. Although the Aaron Alexis' flawed background screening was for government security clearance, some of the same concerns apply to pre-employment background screenings. First read the "Report: D.C. Navy Yard Shooting Exposes Flaws in […]

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FCRA Tackles Whole Foods

To run a background screening, you must have a signed consent form. The form must be the proper form and it must be signed prior to running the screening. Whole Foods is in a class action suit for purportedly skirting these requirements. If you are concerned about the consent form you are using, please contact […]

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Confirm Choice Appoints New Operations Manager

February 10, 2014 | posted in: Company Updates | by

Fast Growing Background Screening Company Strengthens Resources Nashville, TN – Confirm Choice announces that Misty M. Keenan has joined the firm as the new Operations Manager. In her new role, she will oversee Confirm Choice’s experienced team of researchers and IT specialists. “I am very excited about joining the Confirm Choice team and help build […]

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Recommended Procedures for FCRA Compliance

The EEOC caused a stir last year as it sought to regulate further the background screening industry. Meanwhile, the FCRA has put into place many guidelines that employers are already required to follow. In "Don't Overlook the Fair Credit Reporting Act" Timothy McConville has laid out some recommendations for staying in compliance.

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