Recommended Procedures for FCRA Compliance

The EEOC caused a stir last year as it sought to regulate further the background screening industry. Meanwhile, the FCRA has put into place many guidelines that employers are already required to follow. In "Don't Overlook the Fair Credit Reporting Act" Timothy McConville has laid out some recommendations for staying in compliance.

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Regulation on Event Data Recorders in Motor Vehicles

January 30, 2014 | posted in: MVR, Privacy | by

S. 1925, The "Driver Privacy Act", a bill introduced by Sen. Jon Hoeven (R-ND), establishes guidelines for accessing and using the information found on event data records in passenger motor vehicles.

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The FTC Protecting the Transparency of Data

January 21, 2014 | posted in: FTC, Privacy | by

As data brokers, we are often complying to FTC regulation. The FTC has turned its attention to the transparency of reports developed by data brokers. One month ago, Jessie Rich, Director of the FTC, presented "What Information Do Data Brokers Have On Consumers, and How Do They Use It?" before the Committee on Commerce, Science […]

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Updating Your Paperwork

January 21, 2014 | posted in: Company Updates | by

The background screening industry has been under the microscope from the FTC, CFPB, DOJ, and the EEOC.  Many companies have been fined and suffered penalties in the millions.  We take compliance seriously and have made changes to our service agreement based on our attorney’s recommendations.  These changes were made to keep your company and ours […]

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Using Social Media for Pre-Employment Screening

Do you use social media (facebook, twitter, etc) during your pre-employment background screening? The Journal of Business and Psychology recently published discussing social media screening and its effect on the hiring process. Scientific American author Roni Jacobson discusses the findings here.

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Stories That Motivate the “Ban the Box” Movement

January 8, 2014 | posted in: Ban the Box, Criminal Record Policy, EEOC | by

The Nation provides a discussion of the motivations behind the "Ban the Box" movement including a couple of stories. Criminal Records keep many from employment, even many years later.

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Target Responds to “Ban the Box” Legislation

January 7, 2014 | posted in: Ban the Box, Criminal Record Policy, FCRA | by

Many states and cities have passed the "Ban the Box" legislation. Some companies have complied by course of law, and others are complying preemptively. Target has opted to remove any questions regarding an applicant's criminal records from its application. To be on the safe side of FCRA compliance, Confirm Choice does not ask about criminal […]

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New Legislation on the Use of Credit Reports

Just before the holidays Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill that would prohibit the use of credit reports for hiring and adverse action decisions. See the full bill (S. 1837) and more information here.

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Importance of County Criminal Searches

December 17, 2013 | posted in: Class Action, Criminal Record Policy, FCRA | by

Confirm Choice considers county records searches to be the most accurate criminal history checks and to serve as a validation of records found otherwise. Since we strive for accuracy and compliance in our reporting, verifying with county courts helps avoid reporting outdated and mismatched information. This settlement outlines the importance of reporting the most accurate […]

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CLS in Pennsylvania Reviews Affect of EEOC’s 2012 Guidlines

December 11, 2013 | posted in: Background Check Requirements, EEOC | by

Community Legal Services out of Philadelphia, PA follows the effect of EEOC's update enforcement guidance from April 2012. They have provided a report concluding that these guidelines are impacting job applicants, that some but not all business have adopted the guidelines, and that employers are denying themselves excellent employees. Please read their full report: EEOC […]

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