Legalized Marijuana – Burden to HR


Both Colorado and Washington have legalized the use of marijuana. Employers in those states are still promoting drug-free work environments. Although it is legal to smoke marijuana in those states, courts uphold the right for employers to maintain drug-free work environments. For some employees this differentiation has been hard to understand. Employers are finding that many more employees are failing annual/random drug screenings that are conducted as part of company policy. Human resources departments are burdened with more work when processing positive drug screenings and having to take action against its employees in those cases. Drug screening labs have seen an increase in business in these states.

A discussion of this issue can be found here: Legal marijuana and the workplace: Legally High, Legally Fired for Pot Use

Although these problems are associated with companies out of Colorado and Washington, drug screening can be a nightmare for any company. If you need options for drug screening, Confirm Choice offers an efficient solution for managing drug screenings of your employees. Please contact us for more information.