Compliance Change for Georgia Statewide Searches

March 22, 2019 | posted in: Uncategorized | by

There has been an immediate compliance change in order to run a Georgia Statewide search. The Georgia Crime Information Center is mandating specific items be listed on the consent form in order for the search to be performed. The specific changes are:

  1. Consents must say “Criminal Background” and/or “Criminal History” and must have the word “Consent”. Release/consent forms will not be accepted without these statements included.
  2. On each consent, the person will have to mark what purpose code they are allowing to be processed. Please follow this link for a sample form, which is the preferred consent form by the GBI, FBI and the law enforcement agency that processes our GCIC requests. Please feel free to use this consent on your letterhead.

Thank you for your cooperation in changing this form if applicable to you, as this will expedite your results.