Restriction Explanation
Ban-the-Box 1: Use of criminal record only after applicant meets minimum employment qualifications Effective March 1, 2015. the Opportunity to Compete Act prohibits employers (including the state and any county or municipality) that have more than 15 employees over 20 weeks from:(1) posting job advertisements indicating that persons who have been arrested or convicted of a crime will not be considered for employment; and (2) requiring applicants to complete a job application that requires disclosure of their criminal history. The prohibition on requests for criminal history information covers only the “initial employment application process,” which includes both the job application and the first interview of the job applicant.
Key Municipal Employment Restriction on Private Employers At one time, restrictions applied to Newark employers with 5 or more employees. However, this law was negated by a New Jersey state law that went in effect on March 1, 2015.
Must provide notice User must give consumer notice of investigative consumer report and the right to have a copy of the report.
Must provide notice User must provide notice of state rights prior to taking adverse action against the consumer, the end-user must provide a copy of consumer rights under New Jersey state law along with the FCRA Summary of Rights.
Prohibits salary history inquiry during hiring process State agencies are prohibited from inquiring about an applicant’s past salary, per Executive Order 1, 2/1/18.
Use of Social Media Password Information An employer can not require or request a current or prospective employee to provide or disclose any user name or password, or in any way provide the employer access to, a personal account through an electronic communications device.