Restriction Explanation
Cost of Medical Examination for Background Screening Cannot be Paid by Subject/Applicant An employer cannot require applicant to pay for pre-employment medical examination expenses.
Must Provide Special Form The authorization and consent must contain a “box” with the authorization for the consumer to ask for a copy of the requested report and must advise the CRA of the consumer’s request.
Use of Social Media Password Information An employer may not require an employee or applicant to disclose a user name and password or other means of authentication (“authentication information”) for accessing a personal online social media account through an electronic communications device. Nor may an employer access an employee or applicant’s personal online social media account in a manner that allows the employer to observe contents of the account otherwise shielded from the general public, unless the access is pursuant to an investigation permitted under the new law.
Use or inquiry of sealed, expunged, pardoned or erased records Employers may not inquire about sealed records and applicants may state that they have no conviction.